Wednesday 27 March 2013

Trill of the chase

As I was crossing Fen Causeway on my way home from the museum, I saw a group of birds sitting in a large willow on the south side of Coe Fen.  Even though I had no binoculars, I thought they looked like Waxwings.  They were sitting like Waxwings, acting like Waxwings, perhaps not as casual or disorganised as group of Starlings would be. As I walked up to the tree I could see they were not starling black, and when I heard them trilling I knew there was no doubt about what I was looking at.  They sat there preening, calling, and not caring about me, which is what Waxwings often do.  I have had a good Waxwing winter, with several encounters locally (the photo is of one of those, from January), but I expect this will be the last group of the spring for me.  I am glad winter might finally end, but I will miss the excitement of hearing trills and then skidding to a halt on my bike or making a mad dash inside for binoculars.

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